My Unique Child

"The website for parents of special children."


You have a unique child. 

You need to find answers, comfort, and direction.  

My Unique Child is designed and written by a mom of a special needs child for other parents of unique special children. If your child has been diagnosed with an exceptionality we hope this site gives you important information to understand and help your child to become the wonderful human being that you know they are inside.


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Meet The Founder of My Unique Child

Cheryl A. Scott, MS is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), published author, and founder of Unique Child HelpAs a mom to a unique child she has unique insight and understanding regarding the life of the parent of a child with special needs. 

Cheryl continually does research on special topics and writes for several popular websites including,,,, and

Click here for featured articles on children's issues. Click here for all articles on all topics. 

Articles of interest are added weekly.  Be sure to check back frequently for new content on many special topics--Feel free to make article requests on the guestbook.



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